The Etheric Doubles

The Etheric Double serves as the fundamental substrate for all manifestations, extending its influence not only into the ethereal realm of ideas and emotions but also manifesting in the tangible, dense physicality of material bodies.

Human expression unfolds through three distinct bodies—the material, emotional, and mental bodies—which serve as vehicles for manifestation. Each of these bodies finds its creation and sustenance in a corresponding Etheric Double.

The Etheric Double has several different purposes that span multiple dimensions. First of all, it absorbs Etheric Vitality from the Source and distributes it to the related body, serving as a conduit for it. Secondly, it functions as a vital point of contact between each of the three bodies. Thirdly, it acts as a distributor of information, spreading the knowledge needed to create and maintain its affiliated body.

Within the human body, we have identified four classes of etheric substance: creative ether, sensate ether, imprint ether, and kinetic ether. Sensate ether is the ‘feeling giving’ ether, imprint ether is used to memorise and store images, creative ether is used to construct and maintain the phenomena of life,  and kinetic ether, which facilitate all conscious movements (walking, movement of the hands, the eyes and so on), as well as the unconscious actions (circulation of the blood, breathing, the receipt, assimilation, and discarding of substances, and all the other autonomous actions).

The inseparable connection between the Etheric Double and its corresponding body is inherent. Typically, one cannot function independently of the other. An illustrative example is observed in survivors of limb amputation who continue to sense stimuli at the extremities of the amputated limb, owing to the persistence of the limb’s etheric component even after the removal of the physical counterpart.

Negative elementals, embodying negative thoughts and emotions within the mental and emotional bodies, disrupt the harmonious fields of their corresponding Etheric Doubles. Given the tight interconnection among the Etheric Doubles of the three bodies, these disturbances may extend their impact to affect the Etheric Double of the material body, potentially resulting in illness. The amelioration of the material body’s health involves addressing the root cause of disturbance—the negative elementals—to restore balance and harmony within the intricate interplay of the Etheric Doubles.