Intuition Unveiled: Mind’s Depths

Intuition is the ability to acquire immediate knowledge without relying on rational thought or inference, a form of understanding that isn’t derived from established facts or evidence.

What conscious effort fails to achieve, the enigmatic workings of the deeper layers of the mind can successfully accomplish.

A crucial aspect of intuition is its spontaneous nature – it emerges without intention and occurs involuntarily.

Intuition rarely manifests in its purest form. More often than not, it is intertwined with desires, emotions, and egoism, which can cloud its message.

During childhood, these clouding elements – typically rooted in the external environment such as family, nation, and culture – have not yet been fully absorbed and activated by children. Consequently, revisiting our childhood allows for a more accessible connection to intuition.

By examining in meditation our childhood experiences, identifying the sources of energy, recalling our child dreams, and contemplating the things that moved us, we gain insights into our life lessons, mission, and purpose.

You can explore a guided meditation for connecting with your childhood at Reconnecting to the child you once were.