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  • Needed capabilities for self-development

    In our contemporary world, the environment becomes ever more intricate, inundated with distractions and alluring temptations that pose a risk to our ability to stay focused and connected with nature and universe. Evolution and grow are not a passive engagement, but an active and sincere determination to clean the heart and clear the mind. It…

  • Believe Traps

    Many of us are deeply influenced by all sorts of beliefs, like culture, traditions, communities, profession, family, and friends. These beliefs influence our thoughts and behaviour in subtle ways, often without our awareness. They become an invisible core part of who we are. Blindly believing other people’s opinions is risky. You must discover truth and…

  • The Etheric Doubles

    The Etheric Double serves as the fundamental substrate for all manifestations, extending its influence not only into the ethereal […]

  • Intuition Unveiled: Mind’s Depths

    Intuition is the ability to acquire immediate knowledge without relying on rational thought or inference, a form of understanding […]

  • Rhythmic Breathing

    Many people develop the bad habit of breathing quickly and shallowly, which has significant disadvantages. Because the chest muscles […]

  • Daily morning exercises

    Take care of your spine and keep it flexible, it is essential for life. Make a habit and do […]