Working with the Etheric Double – Spleen

General Recapitulation of the System

Who creates and maintains the physical body?
The Archangels, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit (=the non-individualized higher consciousness)

Who creates the emotional and mental body (emotions and thoughts)?
We create them ourselves (through the molding of the super-substance Mind; with a capital “M”)

How do I control and purify the emotional body?
By thinking rationally and correctly, we shape the emotional body using the physical body

We live in multiple dimensions simultaneously (note: ‘time’ does not exist in all dimensions): 3D (physical), 4D (emotional), 5D (mental), and 6D (the mental state, Spirit-Soul). Each body lives in its own universe. We can access other dimensions by attuning to the respective body.

Each body has its own energy centers (chakras) in the corresponding etheric duplicates. The centers are discs (or churches, assemblies), lamps, and stars, respectively.

The Archangels maintain the physical body; I must not disrupt their work through intervention from higher dimensions (emotional and mental).

The Archangels have a plan in the etheric duplicate. When psychomental elementals act in a part of the body, they disrupt the etheric duplicate and can destroy the information in the etheric duplicate.

I must:
1- Restore the etheric duplicate in that region
2- Eliminate the cause, deactivate the elemental

Only step #1 is not sufficient.

When right thinking controls emotions, we have no problems. Problems arise when wrong thinking controls emotions. A good example is puberty; the mental body is not yet formed, emotions cannot be controlled. We should not attack the children; the solution is to change their attention (I am curious) and to calm them.

When we focus, we gain knowledge. We look at a tree, but we do not see the tree; we gather information about the tree (through the light coming from the tree). The same happens when ‘seeing’ with the mind’s eye. We focus and gain knowledge. Through visualization, we gain knowledge. So, visualization is a very powerful tool.

We have sources of etheric energy (etheric vitality): the universe (through the spleen), breathing, food, and meditation and rest.

Every object around us is connected to this etheric energy. Plants and animals are a joyful thought (=a positive elemental) of the archangel.

Animals or insects do not have elementals. They have only instincts; they are programmed to do what they do. Animals have a common species memory. Animals do not have individualized consciousness (they do not have a soul) as we do.

We can attune to an animal and in this way feel what it feels, but we can never reincarnate in an animal.

The aura of the physical body is not a separate entity; it is the radiance of the etheric duplicate. It derives its color from the color of the lamps and stars.

Non-harmonious lifestyles lead to the exhaustion of etheric vitality, disturbance of the etheric duplicate, and result in disease (both physical and psychological). In meditation, we draw etheric vitality from the outside and bring it into the etheric duplicate.

Each body has a matrix in the etheric duplicate that creates genes. The mother, father, and past lives influence the etheric duplicate, so the etheric duplicate creates genes similar to those of the parents and past lives.

There are 4 states of the ether: creative, sensitive, imprinting, and kinetic.

Through visualization, we activate (indirectly through the archangels) the creative ether.

When we pass on, we withdraw from the body, the etheric duplicate dissolves, and the body decomposes. With each passing. but the entire experience and emotions remain in the permanent atom, like a book with pages.

The etheric duplicate serves for the construction, maintenance, and dissolution of bodies. When it is healthy, it protects like a shield against elementals and viruses. The energy centers in the etheric duplicate cannot be filled with energy unless they have been cleaned first. Otherwise, we give energy to elementals and cause harm instead of healing.

We never go directly to the sacral and heart centers. We only create spheres.

When we create an elemental, an opposite, unmanifested elemental is implicitly created. For example, when I manifest anger, calmness is unmanifested.

In us, we have unmanifested light (Spirit-Soul) that we can manifest through virtues.


You cannot help with healing if you do not know the role of the organ. We must know in general what each organ does.

The spleen has an immune function, filters the blood, acts as a blood reservoir, charges the blood with etheric energy, and distributes it throughout the body.


Through the etheric duplicate, we go to the spleen. We visualize a perfect spleen and place an Egyptian cross on it.